Interdisciplinary Benchmarks – June 1, 2015

Learn firsthand how to plan an interdisciplinary unit! Student scientists at Environmental Charter Middle School-Gardena will design a science experiment on local environmental issues, considering the effects of urbanization and industrialization. Students will also develop a poem in ELA and construct and interpret scatter plots with their data. The top presentation for each environmental issue will present at the ECHS Earth Carnival.

Monday, June 1, 2015
Environmental Charter Middle School- Gardena
812 West 165th Place, Gardena, CA 90247
Driving Directions + Free Street Parking

Project Overview:
Student scientists will explore local environmental issues and their effects on the community. Students will design or recreate a science experiment focusing on a local environmental issue. In 8th grade Science, they will study and conduct an investigation that focuses on a local, environmental problem. Furthermore, student scientists will consider the environmental and social effects of urbanization and industrialization to support their science project. Students will develop a poem in ELA as a means of activism and putting the environmental issue into an artistic light. Students will construct and interpret scatter plots with their data to investigate patterns of association. Finally, student scientists will present their experiment at an Environmental Science Fair.

Presentation: Environmental Science Fair
Students will prepare their own scientific experiment regarding a local environmental issue. By creating a test, students will demonstrate the environmental impacts of their chosen topic and formulate a potential solution. Students will choose how to present their environmental issue. Students may display their experiment, read their poem or do another type of visual presentation. All students are required to have something on display. The top presentation for each environmental issue will present at the ECS High School Earth Carnival.

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