Ginnia Hargins

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English Language Development Teacher/Coordinator, Environmental Charter Middle School-Gardena
International Relations & Dance Major, Goucher College
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages K-12, Teachers College Columbia University

If Ginnia could have a meal with anyone, it would be with her Nana (great-grandmother) because she misses her. Ginnia is passionate about fairness, justice and instilling our youth with the skills they need in order to sense fairness and enact justice. Outside of work, she likes to dance, dance, dance!, cook at home, travel and do yoga.

Things you might not know about me: I used to live in Seville, Spain & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for half a year each.I studied abroad 4 times (Argentina & Uruguay, Brazil, England & Spain). I also used to be a professional cheerleader with the National Cheerleaders’ Association. I speak Spanish, Portuguese & some French. I have been to 15 countries. I was an avid gymnast until I had to have back surgery. My mom was a Physical Education teacher for 37 years and my dad is a personal trainer & pastor, so I know a lot about exercise and wellness. I was the games & movement teacher for 6th & 7th grade last year at ECMS-Gardena. I did a road trip across the U.S. through the south to move from New York City to Los Angeles. I used to be in a dance company called Corpo Dance, based in Chicago. I heard about ECS through my friend & college roommate, Mickey Donovan-Kaloust (now Siana) because she was teaching at ECHS and told me about positions at ECMS.